At Decathlon, we want to collectively imagine our future, and build it together.
With Decathlon Vision 2030, we will be driving change

Vision 2030 in figures

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Where have we come from ?

Decathlon was built on a dream, on a Vision.

The Vision of one man, which then became a shared Vision of a happy few, and then of the many. According to Stephane Delesalle :

“ The Vision is part of an ensemble which created the success of Decathlon – the vision, the mission, the EI, our values. Without all that there is no Decathlon ”

Fast forward 40 years later, and over 30,000 people contributed to sharing what was to become an immense exercise of collective intelligence – the Vision 2026 exercise. The objective was the same as in the beginning: to unite, motivate and federate team mates around one big common project.

The Vision exercise is part of Decathlon culture, an exercise that sets the cap, that shows us where we want to go. The Vision is not there to be achieved, but give us the direction. Once the target is illuminated, we build strategies and action plans that guide towards the target.
Michel Leclercq is very fond of saying :

“ There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go. ” (attributed to Seneca)

There is no debate as to whether we will continue the exercise, it’s an essential part of who we are, and will continue to be so. We must continually reinvent our future and honour the past.

Michel Leclercq

It’s important to have a Vision as soon as we become a group. It’s what brings us together, it’s what unites us.

Michel Leclercq, Decathlon Founder


Remember where we came from ?

In 2016, over 30,000 team mates from all over the world co-created our common dream, and highlighted 5 causes that we wanted to fight for.

The themes behind the causes are good (human, product, space, societal and environmental impact), and we will evolve them as we now Explore what the world will be in 2030, and what role do we want to play in that.


It all begins in July 2019 with the connection phase.

From July to September 2019, we will start building the network of Vision Relays from all over the world. We need a Vision Relay for each urban area or city, or one per country, depending on the size.

All Vision Relays will need to be trained in the process and method from October

At the same time, from September to December, we will begin the Inspiration phase of the Vision.

Then Explore kicks off in January 2020 🙂

Where are we going now ?

  • From July 2019, we launch a new exercise for Vision 2030 #drivingchange
  • In January 2020, Decathlon leaders around the world announce and launch the Vision 2030 exercise at their year launch meeting.
  • The 4 month exercise (from Jan 2020) will use collective intelligence and involve not only team mates, but also customers, sports users, partners, neighbours and shareholders.
  • We will retain and evolve the themes of the current causes of the Vision as the foundations for exploration.
  • We integrate ‘post-Vision’ management into the project upstream, in order to locally live everyday our common dream from 2020



  • Reinvigorate the Vision 2026 network, communicate current best practises, gradually bringing the subject back to people’s attention to better launch the next step.
  • Work together to solve the current problems.
  • Co-create the tools and the methodology for Vision 2030.
  • Find, develop and test digital platforms of collective intelligence.
  • Create communication at every step so that all leaders know what is going to happen so they are ready at the time of the launch.


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