Create a co-built incredible ambition with all Decathlon team mates and Decathlon’s eco-systems

100% of Decathlonians can express their dreams, for themselves, for their friends and family, and for Decathlon. We are collectively responsible for creating and deploying our own destiny. We shall open our Vision exercise to all those present in Decathlon’s eco-systems that wish to participate.


From country to city, we reinvent Decathlon as a living eco-system

We shall progress from the classical organisation by countries, to focus on city level. The City vision will feed Decathlon United’s Vision directly.

The only thing that matters is where our customers and users live. Decathlon shall become a LIVING ECO-SYSTEM organised per city to be focused on the needs of customers and users. We’ll open up the process to the outside. The city is a human-size entity where each team mate will be best placed to decide locally.

The Vision Cities will be used during the vision exercice to frame together the future architecture of Decathlon’s local eco-systems. Vision Cities will be used to feed the Vision Process, co-create the common dream, and then to implement the Vision locally.

Cities Network
Decathlon United


Reinvent our way of working to implement our ambitious Vision: MAKING IT HAPPEN

The Change Acceleration

During the past 4 years, the company has evolved a lot in different domains. We passed from 25 to 50 countries where Decathlon is present today, from 1000 to 1500 stores and specially, we increase significantly the number of teammates, coming from 70.000 to arrive in 2020 with 100.000 persons around the world. The challenge is to find the right balance between the mastery of Operational Excellency with all this “increasing new” and the needs of Transformation initiatives that must be implemented simultaneously.

A Collective Inteligence Experience

Building the Vision Network is fundamental in order to make Vision 2030 happen locally. Not only we will deploy vision events in various Vision Cities, we will also create an open dialogue with all through a collective intelligence platform to facilitate your participation. Seamless communication, transparent process and valuable information are what we want to achieve here.


3 Key elements of success: initiative, collaboration, responsibility

There are 3 Key elements to achieve success in all this approach: a 360° initiative of thousands of teammates in moving forward, the collaboration and ability of the network to remain united in all the phases and the responsibility that each one must address to be excellent in his own domain of action, every day.

Towards a Vision of Eternal Vision

Once the Vision 2030 has been collectively decided, we then must put it into action, locally. More than that, we need to be in an eternal state of Vision, being open to what is evolving in our eco-system, and constantly dialoguing with our stakeholders, pushing us to make incremental improvements perpetually.

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