It’s important to have a Vision as soon as we become a group.
It’s what brings us together, it’s what unites us

Michel Leclercq,
Decathlon Founder

Decathlon was built on a dream, on a Vision.
The Vision of a happy few, and then of the many.
The Vision is part of OUR FUNDAMENTALS, a set of identity elements that created the success of Decathlon – the vision, the mission, the EI, our values. Without all this there is no Decathlon.

Fast forward 40 years later to 2016, and over 30,000 people contributed to sharing what became an immense exercise of collective intelligence – the Vision 2026 exercise. The objective was the same as in the beginning: to unite, motivate and federate team mates around one big common project.

And now we want to go even further.

The Vision exercise is part of Decathlon culture, an exercise that sets the cap, that shows us where we want to go. The Vision is not there to be achieved, but to give us the direction. Once the target is illuminated, we build strategies and action plans that guide us towards the target. As the company founder, Michel Leclercq, is very fond of saying, ‘there is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go’ (attributed to Seneca).

There is no debate as to whether we will continue the exercise, it’s an essential part of who we are, and will continue to be so. We must continually honour the past, and reinvent our future.

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Stephane Delesalle

It was in 1986, a special year because we’d become profitable. We had about 30 stores at the time. Michel Leclercq said to us – ‘you know, this is all going to work out OK, we’ll be fine. But Decathlon will really be something amazing if we expand internationally and design and sell our own products. That will be the cherry on the cake’. We all thought he was crazy!

Stephane Deleselle, Decathlon pioneer, January 2019

The Vision is really important. It’s there to anticipate the jobs of the future, and to help us deploy an organisation that enables us to remain agile

Benoit Poizat, Decathlon pioneer, June 2019

Benoit Poizate

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