Your data is not rented or sold

Your sporting data (i.e. all the ones you entrust to us…) are intended only for DECATHLON. We are committed to never sell or rent this data, this point is important to us. If we sometimes rely on subcontractors, they only act on our own account and in accordance with our instructions.

We are transparent on all data about you

You can find on this page all the treatments relating to your personal data. Where, when, how, why do we process your data and, also, what are your rights.

Our communications are tailored to your sports practice

Between passionate sports, we aim to accompany you best in your practice and in your choices of products and advice. That is why we want to offer you appropriate communications.


You visit us in store and on the Internet? Welcome

You also like to take the game of sporting purchases? In the store shelves or on the Web pages, this is often the first step towards new sporting adventures.

But while you already imagine yourself with your new products in hand (or at the feet), place the data collection forms! Do you know this situation? So are we. So why these famous forms? We explain:

We collect and process your personal data in order to manage your purchase (we may need your shipping or billing address for example) and in order to avoid fraudulent purchases (an example? We want to prevent a payment with a stolen bank card). Finally, it goes without saying, we also deal with data related to your payment method!

Want to know more? We present to you on a case by case basis how we process your data during your purchases in store and on the Internet.

Cookie management

Do you know about cookies? These are files installed on your computer or Smartphone. They allow us to store information about your browsing on our websites and mobile applications. These cookies meet several purposes. We explain…

Operating cookies: they allow you to use the main features of the site, for example the management of your shopping cart or the maintenance of your identification, throughout your browsing.

Customization cookies: They allow you to visit the site in a personalised way, depending on your old visits, your purchases etc. These cookies allow you to quickly find the offers that suit you best.

Advertising cookies: they allow you to receive offers from Decathlon on external partner sites.


More information about transfers

Did you know? Your data can be transferred outside the European Union. Rest assured, these transfers are carried out with the utmost attention. We explain…

Why are we transferring your data?

The transfer of your data outside the European Union is mainly due to the location of our subcontractors.

Indeed, in order to offer you a quality service, we decided to outsource certain operations to specialised providers who have real expertise in their fields (an example? Accommodation). And some of these providers are established outside the European Union.

How are these data transfers framed?

Regardless of the countries where our subcontractors are established, we always select them with the utmost vigilance. This is especially the case with respect to how your data is secured. These subcontractors only act on DECATHLON’s instruction and do not use your data at any time for anything other than the performance of the services we entrust to them. A contract is systematically concluded between DECATHLON and the selected subcontractors.

When our service providers are established outside the European Union, we are committed to selecting them as a priority in countries where the legal framework provides a satisfactory level of security. The list of these countries is available here https://www.cnil.fr/fr/la-protection-des-donnees-dans-le-monde

Where this is not possible, we shall supervise such transfers through appropriate legal mechanisms, including the signature of additional contractual clauses specially provided for this type of transfer or self-certification at Privacy shield (this latter mechanism is only valid for us-based providers).

How do I know if your data is being transferred?

If you want to know if your data is being transferred, you can refer to the section “transfers outside the EU” in the description of the treatment concerned.

Your rights

The fact that we entrust your data does not mean that you lose control of them, quite the contrary! A little explanation…

Your have multiple rights. Some are applicable to all data processing concerning you, others depend on the type of treatment implemented and, more specifically, the legal basis on which it rests (contract, legal obligation, consent, legitimate interest, etc.).

Below you will find a brief description of these rights as well as the modalities for their implementation.

Please refer to the section entitled “your rights” in the description of the treatment concerned to find out precisely the rights to which you are treated.

The right of access:

This right allows you to ask us questions about the nature of your treatments (data type, origin of collection, etc.). It also allows you to ask us for a copy of all the information about you. This right applies regardless of the legal basis of your treatment.

The right to rectify:

Moving, marriage, new sport,… many situations can lead you to update your data. The right to rectify is precisely that. This right applies regardless of the legal basis of your treatment.

The right to oppose:

It is the right to say “no!”, the right not to be included in a data processing or to no longer be included in it. This right applies where the treatment is based on the “legitimate interest” of Decathlon, provided that this interest is not “compelling”.

Right to erase:

It is the right to be forgotten… and that’s okay. Decathlon has no reason to keep your data beyond what is needed. All data about you is automatically deleted after the expiration of the retention period announced during the collection of your data.
When your data is processed based on your consent or the legitimate (non-compelling) interest of Decathlon, you can obtain early deletion of your data. how? All you have to do is show us your willingness to withdraw your consent or to assert your right to oppose the treatment.

Right to portability:

This right allows you to request the obtaining of the data concerning you, since these are subject to treatment based on your consent or a contractual relationship. What is the difference with the right of access? We are obliged to transmit the data to you in a format technically exploitable by you or by another entity than Decathlon.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us at one of the following addresses:

To ensure that your application is managed as efficiently as possible, remember:

  • to indicate the treatment (s) concerned by your request
    to indicate the right (s) you wish to implement
    to provide us with a copy of your identity document (this data is used to verify that the applicant is the person concerned by the treatment).

If, despite all our efforts, you feel that your rights have not been respected, be aware that you have the opportunity to seize the CNIL: https://www.CNIL.fr/FR/Agir

Our data protection officer

The way we process your data does not leave you indifferent… and that’s okay!

By appointing me as data protection officer, DECATHLON entrusted the mission to accompany our business without compromising on respect for your rights and your privacy. I do the utmost to accomplish this beautiful mission, with pride and humility.

A question, a remark, a concern…? I’m at your disposal!

Jean Pierre, data protection officer at Decathlon.

Contact: VosDonneesPersonnelles@decathlon.com

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